CP Exchange

If you NPC a LARP we have an exchange with or attend a Community Event we are a part of twice, you will receive one extra Between Game Action. Between Game Actions allow your character to interact more with the world between events. The more you participate with other LARPs, the more you’ll be able to participate in Ashwick Plantation.

We have an exchange with the following LARPs:
Divine Intervention – https://divineinterventionlarp.com/#/
April 12-14
May 24-26

Threshold – https://ashwickplantation.com/2018/03/14/522/
March 30

June 22

November 9

Thaumatrope – http://witchtowers.com/
January 12

Other Community Events:
Incantrix Productions – http://incantrixproductions.com/
January 26
March 7

Past LARPs and Community Events:
Ballad – http://balladlarp.com/#/

Cambridge Emergency Response Training: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SuYawPvOA-JZYUgPLCPYNgoGH5GlItqFFdImsUsbb18/edit?usp=sharing