Event 3: Camp Denison in Georgetown, MA

We are pleased to announce our third event!

Ashwick Plantation will continue on May 11th at Camp Denison in Georgetown, MA. Camp Dennison has a long history of supporting LARPs in the region, and we are excited to create fun, rich, and scary stories with you all at this venue.

We will have an In-Game review of the past event and the theme for Event 3 at a later date, but for now  we would like to give a basic overview of what you can expect for and at the event.

The event is Saturday, May 11th through May 12th. This event will be overnight like our first event.

Registration will be open early March.

Check-In will begin at 10am on Saturday and go until 12pm. We advise that players arrive between 9 and 10am to ensure they have ample time to set up and get ready for game.

Safety and Workshops
Safety, rules overview, and workshops will begin at roughly 12pm to lead players into character.

If you are not checked in by 1pm and have not gone through the Safety and Rules overview nor have done any of the workshops, you will be asked to go through those procedures with a staff member before getting in character.

Game On
“Game On” is at 1pm. The event will run straight through the night with a soft “Game Off” around midnight that we will announce. Closing ceremonies will begin shortly after breakfast Sunday morning. We intend to be offsite by 1pm on Sunday.

We will be serving an early dinner again (roughly between 3pm and 4pm) and snacks will be served later in the evening. We will also have a breakfast served Sunday morning.

We are overwhelmingly excited to bring Ashwick Plantation to Camp Denison and we can’t wait to see you there!


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