Ashwick Plantation: Event 1 Information

We are pleased to announce our first event!

Ashwick Plantation will begin April 28th at Camp Middlesex in Ashby, MA.

Camp Middlesex has been home to numerous LARPs including Steam and Cinders, Witchwood, and – starting next year – Port Katherine. Their site is well-maintained and perfect for our needs.

For now, we would like to go over a basic overview of what you can expect for and at the event.

The event is from Saturday, April 28th to Sunday, April 29th.

Check-In will begin at 11am on Saturday and go until 1pm. We advise that players arrive between 9 and 10am to ensure they have ample time to set up their cabins and be ready for Check-In.

Safety and Workshops
Workshops will begin at roughly 12pm to lead players into character. Safety and Rules overview will happen at 1pm, and we will integrate safety calls through workshops until 2pm.

If you are not checked in by 1pm and have not gone through the Safety and Rules overview nor have done any of the workshops, you will be asked to go through those procedures with a staff member before getting in character.

Game On
“Game On” is at 2pm. The event will run straight through the night with a soft “Game Off” around 2am. Game On will resume the next morning at 8am for an In-Game breakfast, with closing ceremonies at approximately 12pm.

Dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning will be provided by Ashwick Plantation.

Registration will be handled in a three-fold manner: an auction in January, a lottery in early March, and first-come-first-serve sign up in mid-March. We feel it is most fair to give multiple options for players to register. We will have more information on these as we near closer to each registration event.

Unfortunately, Salem’s Pioneer Village is unable to host us for our first event in the Spring due to construction and repairs taking place. However, we intend to keep a strong relationship with them over the coming months and we are working on reserving a spot for our Fall event. We and the Pioneer Village are excited for the changes and cannot wait to unveil a LARP event on the site for the first time.

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