Quiet Combat

Today is our final post in our series on “simple rules increase immersion.” We’ve talked about persistent locations directing you on how to interact with the game; we’ve talked about one single attribute to cover both your health and skills, and today we want to talk about what we describe as “Quiet Combat.”

Quiet Combat involves uncomplicating damage. Like most boffer LARPs in New England, we will have different types of damage. However, instead of calling “4 Damage” or “4,” we have static damage based on the type of weapon used. A melee attack is “1 Damage,” a ranged attack is “2 Damage,” and a firearm attack is “3 Damage.” You do not need to call your damage when swinging, only call out “Effects.” The reason for this is to have a quiet game, where calls and verbiage do not get in the way of the scene.

In daylight, you should be able to tell the difference between an arrow, dart, or melee hitting you. At night it will be tougher, however, we believe that many people shouting “5 Damage by Fire,” “3 Damage by Pain,” and “2 Damage by Electricity” constantly is just as confusing. Furthermore, the weapons used will be immersive, and our magic system is rather low, so it is less necessary for you to call “By Fire” or “By Fear” attacks. If you hit your opponent with a torch prop, they should react accordingly. If you are shouting intimidating words at them while you are in combat, they should react accordingly (granted they are actually afraid of what you say).

We want to be clear: our game does have combat calls. However, these calls are few, and they typically carry a cost to use those skills in combat. In a fight, you can only use as many skills as you have Essence, and mostly every time you are hit with an attack, you will lose Essence so you must be cautious about using skills.

This is intentional. If you are in combat and want to use a skill like “Disarm,” you must weigh the effect of the attack against your Essence. We want players in combat to know there is a risk to trying to “Disarm” someone rather than attempting to harm them. Perhaps getting someone to drop their weapon will allow you to sneak in a few extra hits, but is it worth the cost of Essence?

Let us know what you think about Quiet Combat in the comments below.

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