Character Creation is simple in regards to stats: you have Essence and you have skills. Bonuses will be available for submitting your character a month in advance of your first event and working with us for determining your background.

Essence is the core attribute of Ashwick Plantation.

Essence measures your health. Every damage you take throughout an event reduces your Essence by 1. If you are reduced to 0 Essence, you begin “Bleeding Out.” We will have more information on “Bleeding Out” and our death mechanic in the future.

Essence also measures your ability to use skills. Most skills cost Essence to use. When you are reduced to 0 Essence, you can no longer use any abilities – whether they do or do not use Essence – until you regain at least 1 Essence.

Some game effects can Reset and / or Refresh exhausted Essence. Your Essence also Resets at the beginning of every event you attend.

We want to be clear: Essence does not measure your personal capabilities nor does it limit you to perform tasks that involve anything that is not tied to a skill. It is only a limit to the skills you can use. As an example, you are not limited in your ability to pick up heavy objects or run long distances, but you are limited in how many times you can use the Logging Skill before your character is exhausted.

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